Glimpse of a Day in the Life | St. Paul Storytelling Photographer

I recently got to spend part of a day with three generations of a beautiful family as they typically do on Saturday mornings in the spring: browsing the St. Paul Farmers' Market and then strolling down to the river. I love being a storytelling photographer to capture the real moments, the everyday beautiful moments, the catches of time that preserve a bit of what life is like for your family today. Here's a sneak peek of our time together.

St. Paul Storytelling Photographer, St. Paul Farmers Market. 

Welcome Fitzgerald | Twin Cities Birth Photographer

Most people announce baby with just a picture. For this family, I created a mini-video for them to share with family and friends announcing the arrival of their newest little one. This beautiful family met their babe after a long labor. Strong, gorgeous, and so so so much love. Birth stories like this are why I love being a Twin Cities birth photographer. 

Twin Cities Birth Photographer. Woodwinds Hospital, Woodbury, MN. 

the Nickell family | a day in the life



Our children grow so quickly. Their little bodies grow faster than the piles of laundry, their tiny voices chatter with such frequency that we don't always hear the preciousness of their words. This is what video helps to capture, the movements, the sounds, the moments. 

This sweet family welcomed a new baby not too many weeks ago and asked me to come document what a day in their life feels like. Waking up, tub time, games and stories, I had such a wonderful day capturing the moments between these beautiful people.

42/365 february

"blessed are the gypsies. the makers of music. the artists, writers, dreamers of dreams, wanderers and vagabonds, children and misfits: for they teach us to see the world through beautiful eyes."  - anon