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A story of a beautiful birth at Willow Birth Center

Sometimes, I am hired for families who know that this is their last pregnancy. This is their last time through this wild, intense, beautiful journey. And what a privilege that is.

Especially, for families who haven't had professional birth photography before, they know how much of the experience of birth, for the birthing person, is internal. They know that they enter a birth blur and often have very little recollection from active labor to when baby is placed atop their chest -- and sometimes for a bit after that. 

Seeing their birth journey replayed for them shows so many new aspects and interactions that they hadn't noticed while their mind and body worked so tirelessly to bring forth new life. 

They are able to reminisce about the words they spoke upon meeting their baby, how that wee babe's cries sounded on day one, all the sights, and sounds, and movements, that are so easily lost to the whirlwind of a new baby. 

This beautiful family birthed their third child with the midwives at Willow Birth Center, supported by doula, Landon, of Have Heart Doula Services -- an incredible family surrounded by exceptional care givers. 

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