Birth Announcement | Minneapolis + St. Paul Birth Photographer & Videographer

When this gorgeous family hired me to document their birth story, I was so excited to document the love between them. The way they looked at each other and interacted in our first meeting, I knew his support for her would create beautiful footage. 

Then dad was diagnosed with Influenza A and was quarantined to the basement. But two days later, this mama called to say she was in labor and asked if I'd meet her at Health Foundations Birth Center. She headed in with her family, while dad stayed home and I met them at the Center, but shortly after arriving, her midwife sent her to go walking and check back in as things got more intense. So off to adventure around St. Paul. To Como Park Zoo first, and wandered around their gardens where, accompanied by her daughter, her own mama, and her sister, Amanda took in the sights, and took pauses to let waves of contractions wash over her. After fueling up at Cafe Latte, we drove back to the birth center at which point the midwife and her staff began readying the birth room. And not too much time later, big sister sat in the tub with her mom and caught her new brother as he was born into the water -- all while dad watched through a video call. Here's a peek into their story and how they announced the birth of their baby. 

Raven Ivory documents births and families to artfully tell the stories in ways that validate strength, show support, bring attention to easily overlooked beauty. 

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