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Raven Ivory Photography & Films is beyond amazing and the best in the metro - not only does she capture images of the birth, but she captures the emotions as well and that’s what sets her apart. We had her do photos and video and it was worth every penny. I only regret not having her at the births of our other three children. Her calming and positive presence at the birth was also the sweetest bonus.
— Jenna A.
Raven is such a beautiful human and a pleasure to be around. She did a day in the life session and followed my family around for the whole day and it was my favorite photoshoot of our family, hands down! I hate being in front of the camera (so does my husband) but a day in the life session is SO low pressure because you just go about things and don’t even have to think about the camera. My husband even let his inner silly side show which he ONLY does around close family - a true testament of how at ease Raven made us feel and how comfortable we felt with having a camera follow us around all day. Working with Raven is a true pleasure and I will treasure the memories that she captured forever and ever.
— Danica D.
Raven photographed the birth of my first son on February 17th, 2016. Everyone, myself included, was absolutely amazed at the beautiful moments she was able catch. She did her job so well, and I didn’t even realize she was there until after my son was born and I caught sight of her standing on a chair peeking over the Midwives to catch some shots of the entire team and scene, that turned out to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We rehired Raven a year later to photograph my son’s 1st birthday party, and again, she did it with such ease, catching beautiful moments, and pulling attention to detail that would have otherwise been missed or forgotten. We’ve hired her for a 3rd time around, for the birth of our 2nd child, and I cannot wait. Not only is she an amazing, talented, photographer, but she is an absolute joy to be around and talk to! I’m beyond happy that I chose Raven to capture these moments for us, and I don’t think I’ll ever go looking elsewhere for another photographer for our family.
— Akilah P.
Raven took photos at our daughter’s birth. I was slightly apprehensive about the process and wasn’t sure how much I would want documented and nervous to have an additional person in the room that may distract me from the hard work of labor. She was so sweet and respectful of my wishes. I hardly knew she was there and the photos came out beautifully. Because of her talent I have memories that I can cherish for a lifetime. I would encourage anyone considering birth photography to hire her. Birth goes by in a blur and I may have missed or forgotten some of those precious moments if it wasn’t for her.
— Christina S.
I have attended several births with Raven & always appreciate her peaceful, calm presence. After each birth, I’m continually amazed at the beautiful moments she was able to capture without the slightest interruption to the birth process.
— Linda B., Midwife
Words cannot express how meaningful it was for Raven to be at the birth of my daughter. I was apprehensive at first, but am incredibly grateful I have these photos now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Raven.
— Tyshanna B.
Raven is so patient and kind! I absolutely love every shot she captures.
— Trisha C.
Can’t say enough great things about the moments she captured of my baby and I.
— Cheli M.
She’s absolutely amazing and so talented. She’s warm and lovely to work with!
— Jacqueline B.
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