photo courtesy of  Danica Donnelly Photography

photo courtesy of Danica Donnelly Photography

about me...

I am the mama of two tiny humans, a big dog and a wee cat. 

I love grapefruit, non-American fare, and red wine.

Easter lilies, new babies, and a forest after the rain.

Radio Lab, night crickets, and Ava Cassidy.

Hugs, the weight of a sleeping baby, and fresh sheets.

I love the little moments we often miss because of the speed with which time flies by. I love photography because it provides a meager means of time travel. It allows me to document the fleeting space between breaths. Too often, we are apologetic for messes and shortcomings that we all share. And while we strive for perfection, our families are growing and interacting with us in real and beautiful ways. The mess is the beauty -- sticky, dish-filled, tantrum-thrown, everyday extraordinary.

Those are the spaces I make pictures of. The unseen mundane, the parts that blur together, and in the blink of an eye, years have passed.